Mother City Magic ~Cape Town

Mother City Magic ~Cape Town
Written and edited by Veronica Clark

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Wheel of Excellence.

Hello dear friends

I hope you are all coping well with the holidays and all the madness of the Silly Season.

An impromptu visit to the V&A Waterfront a while back yielded some night time shots of The Wheel of Excellence

It will be in Cape Town until 30 April 2012 and has made quite a change to our skyline!

The Waterfront is such a cosmopolitan piece of Cape Town for  most of the year, but more so during the summer. A wonderful spot to people watch and catch an earful of every language imaginable!

The machanics certainly seem more attractive when illuminated!

It was a wonderful wind - free evening and the atmosphere very festive.

Festive and bright!

The shopping centre...


These pictures were taken from the outdoor area at The Hildebrand Restaurant.

Make sure you get your view of our lovely City from atop the Wheel!

Have a great Festive Season

Live the Cape Town vibe


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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Neighbour Goods Market

Hello friends. Cape Town is a buzzzzzzz with tourists!! Isn't is usually, you ask? Yes, but in December it bursts out of its seams, trust me!!! Our usually sleepy city has already got the holiday vibe and today is only the 1st of December...

 I discovered the vibe when I went off to the Neighbour Goods Market last Saturday morning. I arrived at what I thought was a respectably early time, only to find that there were already hoards of hungry people. Luck was on my side though and I got parking rigt outside the Old Biscuit Mill....yipeee!!!!

My first port of call, as usual, was my favourite breakfast. I shuffled along with the crowds to Luke's Legendary Rosti Breakfast Stand, grabbing a cafĂ© lattĂ© en-route. Now, let me tell you, this breakfast should be on your bucket list!!! You can read the entire post on my breakfast here and also get the recipe....

Yummy, isn't it....?
So generous of Luke to share the recipe and techniques with us. Thank You Luke!

Luke Dale Roberts also has The Test Kitchen Restaurant and by the way, I hear that there is a waiting list until February to get a seat, so I will see you there in March!

Okay, so fortified by my breakfast I started to shuffle along to capture the rest of the market to share with you. As a local, this is a fab place to shop for the week. If you are a tourist, you really need to visit and feast along!

So let's see what else we can eat...

Anyone for Oysters and Bubbly? I know it's not even ten in the morning, but there are no rules here...

The olive stand reminded me of a the amazing market that I visited in Ilse Sur La Sorge in Provence where there were more than forty different barrels of olives glistening in the sun. These were equally delectable and I was persuaded to taste the garlic ones, plump and simply delish! The Mediterranean variety at the bottom there with the tomatoes looks amazing!

Chrisna's Olives 084 781 1782

The Burgers Boys looked promising for lunch.... fresh ingredients lined up in buckets were calling my name...An example of the burger displayed under a cloche winked enticingly at me... I resisted, well the rosti was only just consumed, you understand!

Resistance was wearing thin....seeing them being anointed with a sauce... 

Bagel Bliss...

Need I say anything???

Let's go from Tarts to Fresh...  The stand of Ondersteun Handelaars , just as you enter the market is a legend...and you can see why. By the way, did you know that they can be found at the Salt River Market on weekdays?
52 Salt River Market or phone 021 448 - 1491 or email:

Ocean Jewels is a feast with fresh tuna and all things fishy... The mussels were already sold out... so I tasted the tuna dipped in soy sauce and seared... Heaven!

A ginormous paella pan beckoned and I was beginning to doubt my burger selection for lunch...

Kitchen Cowboys... I love the name

Poffertjies... for puds maybe? Folks got in the spirit and started to pose for me with their delicious boxes of syrupy sweetness.

You can see yours truly in the Charcuterie's sign there snapping away like crazy...

...and just look at the delectable offerings...
now, I am not one who is able to walk past a Chorizo sausage without getting acquainted....

Funki Fungi ~ cool name!
Purveyor of Exotic Gourmet Mushrooms.
This guy was tucking into his fungi kebab with relish and a great smile! Thanks for the pic!

They are almost to pretty to eat!

Orders at 082 979 4992 (Cheryl) or

I was hot and bothered and needed a drink and to rest my weary tootsies, so I headed to the fresh smoothie stand for chill refreshment!

I went outside to join other weary souls on the bales of hay, and met a lovely lady, Vanessa who regaled me with some wonderful travel stories! Thank you!

Back inside and I came across the wonderful duo from Main Ingredient with their stand of exotic gourmet they say, they are a "mom and pop" business and full of wonderful advise and good cheer. I subscribe to their weekly newsletter and it is full of info, recipes and wine news, and has kept me entertained on many a sleepless night ... find them here. They have a list on all that is on offer and it also includes all their market activities, so you will know where to find them on any given day of the week.

Sweet Crepes and Savoury do you choose?

Aren't they prescious?? I hope I will still be able to go to the market when I am their age. I would need a model with space to hang my camera bag as well.

Amidst the hustle and bustle, art was being created...

Taste of Decadence at Bonaparte Flannerie

It doesn't get any more decadent than this...

No market is complete without bread.... and this was amazing... so amazing that I was so engrossed with my slice that I forgot to get the contact details...

Also seen....

Are you hugry yet? I guess by now you have been to the kitchen  a few times...
Well, when in Cape Town, do not miss this culinary tour de force .

Have I squeezed every bit of resistance from you... to follow that diet that you were planning on starting...well Monday is a good day and you can still do the market on Saturday....

Your willpower ...dangling from a thread....?

My sympathies...


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