Mother City Magic ~Cape Town

Mother City Magic ~Cape Town
Written and edited by Veronica Clark

Friday, 23 November 2012

Cape Town puts on her Party Clothes!!

Hi Cape Town Followers!!!
It's Friday!!! It's SIZZZLING in The Mother City!!!
We getting into weekend mode here at the Magical Tip of Africa...
What are you wearing to the party....
Cape Town Starts to dress up for Festive Fun and to receiver her visitors!!

The V & A Waterfront is looking Fab and Festive and ready to Party!!!

I could not resist a cocktail at my favourite spot to watch our Visitors take it all in and having a blast!

What are you all up to this weekend!
We have such a variety to choose from!!!
Are you taking in the City, the beach or an event?

Drop us a line or tweet @MotherCityMagic and tell us where you are loving our Magical City and Surrounding Winelands!!

Have a sparkling weekend!!
Have fun but stay safe!!!

Live the Cape Town Vibe!!

Comments and what you up to, you can leave in the comment box below.. I am all ears!!!
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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Waterford Wine Estate ~ Stellenbosch

Hi Dear Friends!
I have the wonderful privilege of living at the Start of the Durbanville Wine Valley's wine route, and right across the way from a wine farm!
So, I don't have to go very far to buy or taste wine, and just over the Tygerberg Hills is the rest of the wine route and of course, needless to say, I am a regular!
But, that most certainly does not deter me in any way from venturing further....especially if you consider that there are over 800 wine farms to get trough!!
So much wine and so little time!!
Both my kids studied at Stellenbosch University and of course, we were regular visitors to this beautiful historical student town! I am so very happy that my son will be returning to Stellenbosch for another year of studying!! It gives me an excuse to visit once a week and for us to explore more wine farms!! Hope he passes!!!
Now, it is hard to choose a favourite wine estate and actually, almost a crime!!!
But, if I combine my love for all things Provencal ( I am a closeted Francophile!!!) Chocolate and Wine... Well then Waterford Wine Estate is a regular on my "To Do" List!
Is that enough of an explanation?

I love the architecture!!

You can opt to take the Wine Safari to explore this beautiful farm on the slopes of the Helderberg Mountains. Click here for details

The fragrant lavender drive is where my taste bud's perpetual state of anticipation hits a high!!! But, I always have time to pause and admire the urns, being an urn addict one has to pay one's respects!

Gasp in delight as I enter the twirly gates ....
What a beautiful scene!
This was during autumn and I had the pleasure of accompanying a tourist from Geneva and she was suitable enchanted, before we had even had a single sip!
One has to engage all the senses and build anticipation....
Such a relaxed, yet opulent ambiance!

The Wine and Chocolate pairing is a flavour sensation that I simply can not resist! I imagine few can!!

I realised that I had not taken any photos of the wine??? Oh dear!!!
A very good excuse to return!!!

The Pecan Stream Sauvignon Blanc is a personal favourite. The Waterford Family Reserve ~ Heatherleigh is simply luscious and of course The Jem, their Flagship Red is sensational to my taste buds!

You can view the Tasting Menu here

I look forward to my next visit!

Thank you for your precious company!!!
Live the Cape Town Vibe
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Monday, 12 November 2012

Grand Cafe and Beach ~ Granger Bay ~ Grand and Glam!

Hello Dear Friends!!
Cape Town put on her best this past weekend and I was stuck at home!!
No Swartland Revolution for me, No Elgin Open Gardens, only work, work ,work!!
Ahhh well, you can't have it good all the time, but hey it gave me time to write this....
Life's a Beach Party....!!!
I recently had the pleasure to introduce a friend to The Grand Cafe and Beach in Granger Bay, just adjacent to the V&A Waterfront. It is always such a thrill to see someone's reaction, when they have not been here and had no clue that it existed! So, the pleasure was all mine in the end!!

The mixture of relaxed beachy vibes which transforms into a perfect sundowner spot and then into a seductive dinner date is simply irresistible!

Add to that ... a bistro menu, Parisian cafe chairs, blingy chandeliers, gorgeous candelabras, sand, sea, yachts, cocktails, a view of the Stadium, Table Mountain peeking out, charming waiters and voila ... it is hard to leave and go home! Oh, and a shop to browse as well. My son always makes himself at home in front of the Grand piano to tinkle the ivories, and no one minds one little bit.

We visited when Cape Town was still trying her level best to shake that relentless winter. I had booked a table outside as it was a warm summer's day, and of course any newcomer, would want to take in the beautiful scene. But, as the mist rolled in, we were chilly and I asked to move inside. They happily  accommodated even though the restaurant was quite full!

As you can see, a relax to the max spot!

 I just love this retro vibe of the beach bar .... and here it blends into the pink hue of the sunset...

My dinner date was in raptures and I was delighted!

The seductive interior has a wonderful ambiance, with glittering over sized chandeliers, atmospheric candelabras adding to the romantic setting and a wonderful play list of music completes the enchantment.

I love the bar counter made up of fireplace mantels!

My friend was also very happy to hear he could bring his daugters for an afternoon and indeed I have visited many times on a weekend when families arrive.

 This little guy is just about to liberate the ice bucket for some action in the sand....

It has something for everyone! Whether you arrive to sit on the dock of the bay sipping your martini to watch the world cruise by....


...or Dinner

The Virgin Mojito I had, since I was the driver, is one of the best I have had and I have tried many who have failed miserably! This one was a winner! My dinner companion had a Big Dipper and declared it to be anything but a dip! He feasted on the T-Bone steak with chips and was suitably impressed. Now,when I see Bouillabaisse on any restaurant menu, I find it hard to pass up the opportunity to try it!! This one was great,  and as you know there are many variations of Bouillabaisse, and we could debate for hours the content, but I always take it as the chef's choice, and I liked this one!

Nicholas, our waiter was utterly charming and attentive. Thank you!
It was a wonderful evening, in a decadent setting and we left, feeling well taken care of and happy.

Grand Chic definately meets Retro Romance...
If you are new to Cape Town it is a must for your Mother City Magic's Bucket List!
For further details of the The Grand and Beach Cafe please Click Here
The Contact number is 021 425 0551
Live Well, Live the Cape Town Vibe
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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Blaauwklippen Family Market ~ Every Sunday!

Hello Dear Friends!
How are you all after the weekend?
Monday has come and gone and behaved herself nicely! Just as well, because I had a fabulous weekend of activity. I just wish I could have squeezed in a little more!
But no complaints... I started the weekend with Dinner at the Grand Beach Cafe in Granger Bay (more on that in a next post) on Friday evening!
There are so many wonderful markets to choose from, and add to that the annual Gift Markets catering for the Festive Season, and you could be busy for days!!

On Sunday, a friend invited me to join her and her famous four legged friend Bear, Mutt of the Year for 2012 at the Wine Dine and Dog Day at Nelson Creek Wine Estate. It was such fun! click here for pics on Mother City Magic's Facebook Page.
The event was held on Nelson Creek Wine Estate and so after I had worked up an appetite, chasing after stylish pooches, I headed out to Blaauwklippen Family Market! It was my first visit!!! Can you believe it!!
Follow the Facebook page here for directions and details of the market as well as any other updates.

 Blaauwklippen Vineyard won the SA Wine Tourism Klink Award for the best "Family Day Out" Category as well as the Supernova award for the most votes!!
It is well worth a visit! There is something for everyone and of course the setting is just spectacular!

I was famished and there was so much to choose from....
Chocholate cake and a smoothie...for some contradiction....?

Or how about this....?

I stopped off to taste some of Cold Gold's Ice Cream!!!
The Bubblegum flavour literally pops on the tastebuds...try it for a real bubblegum experience. Janine says it took her three weeks to perfect it!

Wine labels is something that fascinates me, and I got a little carried away with these amazing labels. Each one a work of art!

So much to choose from!

There was live music and a fantastic vibe!

I kept circling back to these....

Families made themselves at home on picnic blankets and chairs on lush lawns to kick back and relax to the max!

The kids were kept entertained with rides, a playground and an animal yard.

I will certainly be back to visit again! It was such a relaxing afternoon.There  seems to be something for everyone to enjoy. Food, craft, music, wine...what more do you need for a Sunday?

These Alpahas has got to be the cutest creatures ever. Don't you just love the colour and the "hair cuts"

Live Well
 Live the Cape Town Vibe

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