Mother City Magic ~Cape Town

Mother City Magic ~Cape Town
Written and edited by Veronica Clark

Monday, 12 November 2012

Grand Cafe and Beach ~ Granger Bay ~ Grand and Glam!

Hello Dear Friends!!
Cape Town put on her best this past weekend and I was stuck at home!!
No Swartland Revolution for me, No Elgin Open Gardens, only work, work ,work!!
Ahhh well, you can't have it good all the time, but hey it gave me time to write this....
Life's a Beach Party....!!!
I recently had the pleasure to introduce a friend to The Grand Cafe and Beach in Granger Bay, just adjacent to the V&A Waterfront. It is always such a thrill to see someone's reaction, when they have not been here and had no clue that it existed! So, the pleasure was all mine in the end!!

The mixture of relaxed beachy vibes which transforms into a perfect sundowner spot and then into a seductive dinner date is simply irresistible!

Add to that ... a bistro menu, Parisian cafe chairs, blingy chandeliers, gorgeous candelabras, sand, sea, yachts, cocktails, a view of the Stadium, Table Mountain peeking out, charming waiters and voila ... it is hard to leave and go home! Oh, and a shop to browse as well. My son always makes himself at home in front of the Grand piano to tinkle the ivories, and no one minds one little bit.

We visited when Cape Town was still trying her level best to shake that relentless winter. I had booked a table outside as it was a warm summer's day, and of course any newcomer, would want to take in the beautiful scene. But, as the mist rolled in, we were chilly and I asked to move inside. They happily  accommodated even though the restaurant was quite full!

As you can see, a relax to the max spot!

 I just love this retro vibe of the beach bar .... and here it blends into the pink hue of the sunset...

My dinner date was in raptures and I was delighted!

The seductive interior has a wonderful ambiance, with glittering over sized chandeliers, atmospheric candelabras adding to the romantic setting and a wonderful play list of music completes the enchantment.

I love the bar counter made up of fireplace mantels!

My friend was also very happy to hear he could bring his daugters for an afternoon and indeed I have visited many times on a weekend when families arrive.

 This little guy is just about to liberate the ice bucket for some action in the sand....

It has something for everyone! Whether you arrive to sit on the dock of the bay sipping your martini to watch the world cruise by....


...or Dinner

The Virgin Mojito I had, since I was the driver, is one of the best I have had and I have tried many who have failed miserably! This one was a winner! My dinner companion had a Big Dipper and declared it to be anything but a dip! He feasted on the T-Bone steak with chips and was suitably impressed. Now,when I see Bouillabaisse on any restaurant menu, I find it hard to pass up the opportunity to try it!! This one was great,  and as you know there are many variations of Bouillabaisse, and we could debate for hours the content, but I always take it as the chef's choice, and I liked this one!

Nicholas, our waiter was utterly charming and attentive. Thank you!
It was a wonderful evening, in a decadent setting and we left, feeling well taken care of and happy.

Grand Chic definately meets Retro Romance...
If you are new to Cape Town it is a must for your Mother City Magic's Bucket List!
For further details of the The Grand and Beach Cafe please Click Here
The Contact number is 021 425 0551
Live Well, Live the Cape Town Vibe
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  1. thanks for sharing..

  2. I love this place - also blogged about it on my blog of world travels, thought you may want to see what I saw.