Mother City Magic ~Cape Town

Mother City Magic ~Cape Town
Written and edited by Veronica Clark

Sunday, 9 December 2012

A Tourist in my own City!

Hello Dear Friends!
This holiday season I have decided to be a tourist in my own city and to do the "touristy" things that fades into the background when you are a resident.
I have been eyeing the Hop on Hop off Water taxi's canal cruise for a while and thought it was an excellent place to start!
It suited the budget for the time of month as well!  So, on Wednesday, The Mother City delivered one of those perfect summer days when she brags like anything!!!
My son and I drove into town, parked at the R10-00 parking at the Entrance to the V A Waterfront, walked across the lovely pedestrian bridge to the Convention Centre and awaited the arrival of our water taxi!!!

R30-00 per person, bought us a return ticket

    To visit the website for further details and tours on offer please click here

My camera decided it was not into doing touristy things and went on strike, but I did manage to coax a few pictures before it died!!!  Floating down the canal past some impressive real estate and faster watercraft had everyone gasping...

The last stop is at The One and Only Hotel where we were tempted to sit the whole day and stare at the view....

But, we had come to visit the newly opened Market on the Wharf and so, decided to add it to the holiday itinerary for another day.

The Hop on Hop off Taxi would be a lovely activity for kids as well. Interesting bits of information was also given in the commentary for which you are supplied with headphones.

You exit via the back of the Two Oceans Aquarium and what a magnificent day it was. Not a breath of  wind, Hurricane Gatiema safely stowed away for another day! We were on holiday and the Mother City was sizzling!!!
Unfortunately the Market was not fully operational and since we had worked up a thirst by now, we headed to Den Anker for a Beer tasting....

The purrrrfect pastime for a hot summers day...

The food was excellent, the beer were all declared winners and the service was superb!
Please click here for Den Anker's Home Page and menu details.

If you are a tourist, welcome to our Magical Mother City!!!

Thank you for your company...

Live the Cape Town Vibe!!!
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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

"Don't be a drag, just be a Queen"!!!

Hi Friends
Last night I went of to walk the fan walk with all Lady Gaga's adoring fans!!!
My word, it was such a fabulous vibe and I had an amazing time snapping away at all the "Queens"
I don't think any words are needed except to quote...
"Don't be a drag, just be a Queen"!!!

I took loads of photos!!
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Thank you all for allowing me to take your fabulous pics!!!!
You rocked !!!
Live the Cape Town Vibe