Mother City Magic ~Cape Town

Mother City Magic ~Cape Town
Written and edited by Veronica Clark

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Aquarium Love

 Good morning everyone!

It has been some time since my last post here on my Cape Town blog. My life underwent some major changes,  and that got in the way of blogging but I am most pleased to be back and to have your company again!

A recent visit to the Cape Town Aquarium was an afternoon filled with wonder and frustration....

Wonder at aquatic life...
and frustration at my lack of photographic knowledge.

But, it was still a fun filled afternoon and I highly recommend a visit.

Join me for a stroll...

Right here is where the photographic frustration set in...

I simply could not get the shots I wanted....sigh...grrrr

I tried and tried but to no avail, something was not right and my son was not impressed with getting stuck at the first exhibit while I snapped away...I will go back there on my own and get it right!!

Collage of frustration!!!

What fun... I wanted to pop in the middle for a pic but was told to please grow up mother!
Love it!

A creepy guy this...but fascinating!


Lazy and lethargic eel...

"Keeping an eye on you!"

Tail end...

Bad hair day...

Beautiful colours, textures and movement make up an underwater symphony of note.

"Digging in the dirt...give me a moment!!"


Into the deep...

Delicately poised...


Deep blue haven

Tentacled treasures

Flat and fancy

"The world's within my shell..."

Room with a view of The Table

Grumpy ~ not interested in the paparazzi!

Tailored attire ....

"I do adore you Dolores!"


An amazing story... but Teddy was nowhere to be seen...
Clearly he is not into publicity!

The Predator exhibition

Fins, flippers and flashes...

The star attraction...

Thank you for your company

Live the Cape Town vibe!



All images are my own. Please leave your comments below, I am all ears...

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  1. What beautiful photos. I'm glad you posted them and I really don't see why you were frustrated, but then I'm always frustrated at my own photos too. LOL

    Looks like you had a good visit to the Aquarium. Thanks for posting all those interesting shot.