Mother City Magic ~Cape Town

Mother City Magic ~Cape Town
Written and edited by Veronica Clark

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tribal Trends

Just of Greenmarket Square I stumbled upon a gorgeous shop called Tribal Trends.  Here is the address: Winchester House, 72-74 Long Street, Cape Town  Tel no +27 21 423 - 8009.

Now that  the details are out of the way and you know where to find it, lets do some swooning... Eugene at Tribal Trends very kindly allowed me to take some photos. Let me say this to you. It is one of the most beautiful shops I have been into in a long time...take a look

All the merchandise is from Africa and much of it from South Africa. Everything has been arranged so beautifully and looking at these images, I am afraid it does not do justice to all the eye candy on offer and I think it calls for another visit to capture more of this lovely space for you.

Needless to say this cushion and shiny red ostrich eggs stopped me dead for a shot. They are gorgeous. I did not think that I could incorporate Africa into my space but these cushions, and for that matter, this entire shop, has changed my mind! I will show you in a minute what is on my list of 'Must haves " from here apart from those shiny red eggs!!

The colours are are the artful displays....

And here it is " The Lamp" !!! Feathered lampshade atop a horn!! Flamboyant yet understated elegance and I need it!! Check out the face with helmet bottom left hand

Honestly, this little arrangement above would be perfect in my den adding texture and interest! and have a peek at the Nguni Rug...


Stunning, isn't it just! I want to take the whole setting home...The pot with the feathers to the right ~ gorgeous...


For Dining in the wild above... and whimsical below..take your pick....

Ugh, me and pots and feathers... lethal combo! I find them totally irresistible...

How about this table setting? " Give me a crocodile sandwich and make it snappy!" comes to mind!
Cool setting! Wonder if the guests gets to take Snappy home?

Love love love!

I bet you have never seen Louis chairs look so vibrant and ethnic. Who would have thought? I adore them and of course need I have to point out the lamps... Gasping in delight at this setting. Note the horn door handle on the left.

Look up close and what a wonderful idea those large beads are for display..

Beautiful ...

Of course, the wall colour is right in my colour palette so I had to capture it....

Feathered scatters....adore them, besides the daybed...

There literally is something for every taste in decor and these are so elegant with tiny detail

Ahh, and here...another of my loves... roosters! um , and of course the lamp...but you saw it, didn't you?


Me and them feathers... You can see that they captivated me....

So there you have it. I could take home the whole shop ... starting with that lamp...

Gorgeous, isn't it...

Please go for a visit to appreciate it up close... I certainly need another visit with my camera and more time to capture the beauty of African  Art and Tribal Trends.

Thank you to Eugene. See you soon again.

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  1. Hi Veronica,
    OK, here is my thought. I really like all the vibrant colors and interesting objects in your photos. The background kinda competes with it. I think a solid color would look better.

  2. VERONICA! THIS IS AWESOME! I absolutely LOVE it. The background did not bother me one fact, it adds a lot in my opinion. If you did not have the semi-opaque layer on top I could see it being a problem, but I have to say I think it is just perfect and I can't wait to see more!!! I know the first commenter disagrees, and every person will have their own experience, but I truly love it. I adore the way the sun is peeking through at the bottom even as I type this!

  3. I absolutely adore the china in the eighth photo. So much to choose from, and so many wonderful colours. It’ so different from anything in my town. I can see why you love this place. I would give my Bank Manager a heart attack if I went shopping in Cape Town. It looks so vibrant and exciting. It makes Romsey look positively DULL!!!!

    I love your background it's all nice and clear to me.
    Have a fab weekend

  4. Veronica, I am so in love. Those red poppy plates, AND THAT LAMP. I need that lamp too. But, you're absolutely right...there's so many interesting and eye-popping things in the shop I would have to spend some good time there. Of course, I would be completely broke when I left !! Great idea, love the ocean background you've chosen, and I think you will have readers from all over Europe, America, Australia and Africa soon. Keep promoting. And, I will too; give you a shout-out on Pink Saturday, tomorrow.
    Sending love, sweetie, my friend.

  5. Hi Veronica - Thanks for the tour of that lovely and very interesting shop. I love all the beautiful textures and colors. The feathered lamps caught my eye as well.

  6. Veronica, so happy to find you at my friend Marsha's (Splenderosa) Adore your site and the shop, wow!! I would be in heaven!


    Art by Karena

    Come and join my Giveaway of a very special painting!

  7. Thank you all for stopping by and your wonderful input. I appreciate all your thoughts and help!



  8. hi veronica!
    i love your blog...i love color so this post was wonderful for me to learn about CapeTown,SA!!! i live in the midwest USA(Iowa), so our culture/habitat is totally different. i love learning about and seeing other parts of the world. thank you for the tour!!
    ps: i knit in retirement, thus my name!