Mother City Magic ~Cape Town

Mother City Magic ~Cape Town
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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Behind the Boerewors Curtain and where to buy the best Boerewors!!!

Hi Friends! Hope you are all well and having a fine day.

Confession Time!  I live behind the "Boerewors Curtain"!! Yip, I am afraid I do, and am happy to admit it as well! Now for the benefit of our international readers, allow me to explain...

Boerewors (directly translates as farm style sausage) or literally translated ("Farmers Sausage") is a spicy sausage made all over the country. Originally, actually from the Platteland (Farming areas) but as urban today as anything else!! It is a mix of minced beef, pork and spices and we consume it in vast quantities, usually over a wood fire on the braai (BBQ).

Now, the "Boerewors Curtain" is usually a district of suburbs where mostly Afrikaans folks live. And it is not the most flattering reference either. When I moved here some 26 years ago it was mostly Afrikaans speaking but it has evolved and there are large numbers of English and other groups who have embraced the wide open spaces of the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. In a future post I will give you an extensive tour of our "Boerewors Hood"!

Now back to the Boerewors. As I said, we South Africans consume it in large quantities. And it goes without saying that everyone has an opinion on where to get and how to make the best Boerewors. Trust me it is a conversation that can rage on for hours without conclusive evidence and much tasting and opinions been flung about!

So, this is my take on where to get the best boerewors, behind the Boerewors Curtain. And I don't think it is a secret....


Tel (021) 5587005

92 b Monte Vista Boulevard

Monte Vista

...and here are the little packets of delectable pleasure...
just waiting for the braai...

The friendly folks at work...

Of course there are other delights to be had as well...

Sosaties (kebabs) also a must have for the braai (BBQ/Barbie)

Droé wors...dried wors, eaten as a snack especially while watching a rugby game...

Don't forget about the dog!!!

So there you have it friends! The Best Boerewors in the Northern suburbs!!!

Do stop by and give it a try when you find yourself in the neighbourhood...

You will not be disappointed!

I now declare the Best Boerewors debate to be open!!!

Light the fire, I will be right over....

Live well, Live the Cape Town Vibe!!!



You are permitted to regale me with comments and suggestions in the comment box below!!

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All images are my own and thank you to Monte Vista Butchery for allowing me to capture them on camera!

Enableing me to share my world, my city and culture...

Thank You!

PS: Any other suggestions for boerewors please add your comment and I am happy to go along and taste!



  1. Hi there - thanks for following my 'photo-blog' - you may find my "other blog" of interest as well - you can get to it from the photo-blog: same type of pictures, but a few more words. You could be my first reader from South Africa!

    I used to tease some of the South African ex-pats I worked with about dried meat and such like - so I feel obliged to follow your blog just to keep up to date! ;)

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  2. are you coming to New Zealand to support the Spring Boks?

    Thanks for visiting.

  3. Hey Ann. Welcome. I'd love love to come along and be part of Rugby World Cup!! Alas its not to be;(( but you will hear me for sure!!! I have been to NZ before and lived there for about a year in Devenport in Auckland! So I have a pretty clear idea of the rugby culture etc. And now you know what we will be doing while we support The Boks! Looking forward to it!!


  4. Yummy! The boerewors look great!
    Thanks for showing your part of the world and your wonderful shots!

    ¤ Have a nice and happy day ¤

  5. The best boerewors is from Florence Meats in Oakville Ontario Canada CLAUDE