Mother City Magic ~Cape Town

Mother City Magic ~Cape Town
Written and edited by Veronica Clark

Monday, 19 September 2011

Darling ~ Wild Flower Reserves

Good morning friends. The spring wild flower season continues here with various towns hosting their own wild flower shows. On Friday I took to the road to visit the town of Darling. I decided to take the R27 again and then turned off onto the gravel road know as the Darling Hills Road. The sign post on the R27 does not state Darling Hills Road but merely indicates the flower route to Darling. Do not take the Atlantis turn off but carry on the R27, and take care as it is not clearly visible when travelling from the Cape Town side, but that is the Grotto Bay turn off towards the sea, in the back ground!

The road is fairly good and if I can do it in my little car with tiny wheels then you should be fine. My little Renault's wheels are so small that my car is called Noddy! Anyway, not 30 metres down the road after turning off I came across a jewel next to the road...

Take a closer look at the Cancer Bush or Sutherlandia Frutescens.

It is very striking and I love the colour and the leaves.

Luckily, I had the road all to myself as Noddy was brought to a halt every few hundred metres so I could jump out and snap away!!

The fragrance was heavenly...

Blue Cranes


The road meanders through the farms and the fields are a feast to behold. In some places the road got a bit rough and I prayed that Noddy's wheels would stay on and that I would not get a puncture. Honestly, to remove the spare wheel, which is on some fancy pulley system, you need a degree in Engineering and a loada patience!


The sheep were freshly shorn...

And, the insects were feasting on my open flesh and I had to find an aloe pronto for the itch!. Which I did...

Please note the sign behind the aloe, which thankfully was next to the road, as the sign warns that it is private property and threatens you with extinction should you ignore the warning! Anyway, I broke off a piece of the aloe and doused the stings with the gel to stop the itch!

Fortunately the road became smooth again and there were so many things to stop and admire....

Brilliant in the sunshine...

The cattle were

The fields ablaze with colour...

Arum lilies as far as the eye can see....

There's Noddy , patiently awaiting my return from climbing over a fence to get some pictures!
Well, there was no sign this time , so I took a chance!

At the end of the road I found the sign that declared it to be the...

I turned left towards the town of Darling to find the flower reserves..

That's it folks!

Next, I will share my finds in the Flower Reserves as well as a visit to Duckets Orchids which was de lovely!

I had made it to the tar road with all the wheels still on Noddy and was relieved to say the least!

Relieved but very happy with the two hours I has whiled away on this short stretch of road...

I headed towards the town but my heart sank when I saw no less than 10 large tour buses whizz past in the same direction as I was just about to go!

I guess I couldn't expect to have it all to myself, now could I?

Live the Cape Town Vibe !


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  1. What lovely shots - and so many glorious spring flowers!

  2. Well that's done it - I really am going to see these flowers for real!

    Great shots.

    Stewart M - Australia

  3. Omw, Veronica, we've just visited the flowers and were blown away by the spectacular shows that nature put on for us. We went to Darling but missed this divine dirt road. Saw mega displays all over the Cape though. I will post about our trip shortly. Blessings, Jo

  4. What a trip! Thanks for taking us along. Your shots were stunning. Those sheep looked funny, almost like cows. And speaking of cows, (your ones) what was the female doing on top? LOL!

    The flowers looked luscious. Wish we were going into spring instead of autumn. {{sigh}}

  5. @Jo. So happy you saw some of the beauty and that you're home safe!!
    @Ladyfi ~ Thanks a span!
    @Stewart ~ I sure hope so Stewart! Then I can see your pics ~ you will love it!
    @Wendy ~ Lol Wnendy, the cows musta been high on the perfume from the flowers!!


  6. Wow! nice set of photographs :D

    Kindly also view my entry :)
    Cagsawa Ruins
    Thanks :)

  7. Lovely captures.
    Each a joy to see.

  8. Pretty flowers all over and oh you live in a beautiful country.

  9. A great road trip, fabulous photos. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Beautiful roadtrip!

  11. Oh my! What a wonderful ride! And what a great variety of marvellous flowers! And what a smile at the active cows! And the big birds so unusual to me! and... and...and loved every shot!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Have a nice and happy day****

  12. Your nature pictures are wonderful!!!!

  13. OMG! Its a great adventure exploring your world! Though Autumn is my fav season, I still love Spring. Those blooms are so fantastic!

  14. Such lovely and colorful photos! Looks like a wonderful place to see!

  15. I loved seeing all the beautiful variety of flowers there in Darling, Veronica!

  16. Some of these flowers grow in my garden; not wild, but ever so carefully tended.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, this is a fantastic place you have here.

  17. I totally enjoyed tagging along on your little dirt road trip through your lens! Lovely landscape, lovely photos.

  18. What amazing flowers! But interesting that a few varieties are very similar to some I've seen in OZ! And we have the 'Darling' river downunder - wonder is it named for the same person as YOUR 'Darling'??

  19. What gorgeous wild flowers you were able to share with us, just by taking a drive, beautiful.

  20. A flower reserved that is amazing. My kind of place to hang out. And yes I agree the cows are active lol why not!

    The Rose

  21. That was like a visit to some wonderful rare-plant reserve. What grows in your fields and laybys is exotica to us!
    I don't think I've ever seen such a graphic 'no trespassing' sign! They mean business!