Mother City Magic ~Cape Town

Mother City Magic ~Cape Town
Written and edited by Veronica Clark

Monday, 11 November 2013

DAREDEVILS have business covered!!!

Hi Friends
I have recently stepped out of my comfort zone and gone to the Gun Run, The Colour Run and lately the Daredevil Run....
Not to run, you understand.....but to take some photos at these super cool events!!! Although, having said that, I ran much more than the five km at each of these events and I might as well have officially entered my unfit legs!!!
All the same, I had a huge amount of fun at each event and have met loads of my Twitter followers and many wonderful people!
On Friday afternoon I went of to see what these boys in their red speedos get up to...

Yes, I know...looks like the start of a new "Haka"!!!!
So, for those in the dark (as I was) these boys all ran to increase the awareness of cancers that affect them. And of course, as you can see from those chests, they were running for testicle cancer!!! Thousands of men (and a scattering of woman) all started the race at different venues across the country at the same time. It all started with an actual dare back in 2009, when Nick an auditor, was in the pub with his mates and was dared to run through peak hour traffic in nothing but a red more here

The Cape Town event started at Hamilton's Rugby Club in the shadow of our beautiful stadium!

There was a mobile clinic with information and the boys were getting their logos sprayed on and other opted for a test!!! Well done guys and thank you to the willing staff. So awesome to see these people inaction.

I found an obliging model and became snap one does with a camera in hand.....
He was a treat!!!!

Fun dress ups or is it a disguise, do you think????

And these super heroes in their cloaks, some had two legs and some four!!!!

Before the race got under way it was a privilege to listen to Torsten Koehler author of the book "Love Your Nuts" and a testicle cancer survivor! In a short talk he cleared up some of the questions that trouble men about testicle cancer and encouraged them to get tested! Have a peek here

And yes, they ran in teeny speedos and as Torsten says, there were all shapes and sizes as cancer is not picky what shape or size you are! So, put this fun event into your diary for next year but please DO NOT wait that long to get tested!!!
What a gorgeous  sight.... I am talking about the mountain, of course!!!!

There was much fun and camaraderie and loads of antics at the finish line before the boys had a beer and boerie roll!

I look forward to being at the next run....put it in your diary NOW!!!
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