Mother City Magic ~Cape Town

Mother City Magic ~Cape Town
Written and edited by Veronica Clark

Monday, 8 April 2013


Hello Dear Friends
I recently attended the launch of SECRETEATS !
What's the secret, you ask?
Well, it is a dinner party like no other that you have ever been to... An underground dining movement, already popular in New York, London and Paris.
Firstly, just like the media launch that we attended, the location for your dinner is only revealed on the day. Now, can you imagine, how curious I was.....Secrets are made to be hunted down and revealed!!!
This was the spectacular view.....

Just like the inaugural dinner event, we were generously  hosted by Jean Marc Lederman in his spectacular home in Llandudno ......
Jean Marc is a photographer and you can find him here
No matter which way you looked, the view was captivating!

After the steep hike up the driveway, in heels, I had my eye on this lil nook. Perfect to kick off those heels, cocktail in hand and relax to the max.

I was about ready to do just that....

...when I met our charming host and founder of SecretEats, Gregory Zeleny, the man with all the secrets!
Needless to say....twenty questions followed!

So basically this is the low down folks...

You sign up to SecretEats ~ HERE
or find them on twitter @thesecreteats
or Face Book here
Seats to each event will of course be limited, so get on it!!!!
You can sign up to only eat as a guest, as I did, or if you want, you can host an event, like Jean Marc did here in his home.  You can be brave and sign up to cook, and no you do not have to be a professional chef!
This is an opportunity for an engaging dinner experience and to showcase your talents.

With all the secrets my tatste buds were obviously in a state of perpetual anticipation, and as soon as Greg turned his back, I headed to the kitchen to steal a shot in the pot as it were, but things were on a knife's edge,,,,,,,

I clean forgot the shot in the pot!!!!
Just to fill you in, these two gentleman are Chef Devin Jones. He is second-in-charge at The Mount Nelson Hotel in the pastry department. Find Devin on Twitter @Devin_M_Jones (He is new to twitter!) 
 Chef, Laurie Meiring from Cape Town Cookery has more than ten years international experience in hotels and restaurants around the world.
Find Laurie Here, at Cape Town Cookery (please click) or on Twitter @capetowncookery

And, below we have Chef Candice Le Noury, who is a food blogger and cooked for the first event. This time I got a shot in the pot!!!!
Candice, a Master Chef top 50 contestant's blog can be found here, The Gorgeous Gourmet (please click) or follow her on twitter @GorgeousBlog

The food presented to us by these talented chefs kept my taste buds tantalised, along with the cocktails.
 This promises to be an exciting journey for food lovers to meet and engage with hosts, chefs, cooks and other guests in amazing locations.
So, the secret is out....or is it!!!!
Hope to see some of you there soon....
It's a secret when I am going....
Live the Cape Town Vibe
PS: I removed my heels for the hike down the driveway....
Regale me with a comment below, I am all ears...

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  1. I Love Cape Town! one of the most beautiful places in the wold! thanks for sharing!