Mother City Magic ~Cape Town

Mother City Magic ~Cape Town
Written and edited by Veronica Clark

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Top Ten Finalist from Cape Town !!!!!

Hi Friends!
We need your support!!!!! Please!!!!!!
Our beautiful Mother City Has made the Top 10 again!!!!
This time we have to thank a young lady Ceara McEvoy!!!!
She entered an international competition in February called Biggest Baddest Bucket List!!!
And.....made the top 10 finalists from over 1250 entries from around the world covering 600 destinations!!!
Ceara recently graduated from UCT in Film Production. The ten finalist will be off to London in May to compete against each other for..... an opportunity to win 6 months of travel to a minimum of 5 continents and 25 destinations blogging and video posting!!
So what do you do to show your support?

Go to the link Click Here Please to watch her video entry, then become one of her supports by CLICKING THE GREEN TAB THAT SAYS "Supporters"
or view below....

I think her entry rocks!!!
Find Ceara's blog Here

We would appreciate your support immensely.
Lets show her some Cape Love and put our Magic Mother City at the top!!!
Live the Cape Town Vibe
Please leave a comment below... I am all ears....


  1. All I can say is

    My City
    Cape Town
    Where I throw down
    Heart-stirring scenery around
    The peninsula
    The formula
    All relative
    Cape Town
    The integral link
    Table Mountain the centre piece
    Where the world sits
    A wonder
    Where the world wander
    The fauna
    The flora
    The summit
    The view
    Of a city
    In the embrace of Signal hill and Lion's head
    Table Mountain it's bosom
    The people
    The heartbeat
    To the rhythm
    Of a city amassed with cultural diversity
    Generally contemporary
    In it's eclectic community
    Divided into northern and southern suburbs
    The South peninsula and Khayelitsha
    Mitchell's plain (who is this Mitchell?) and the Cape flats
    Not forgetting Nyanga, Durbanville, Gugulethu, etc.
    All different suburbs
    Different ways of living
    Inter suburb
    Inner suburb
    The commonality
    The city
    Being Capetonian
    Has a certain enchantment
    A sense of pride
    A certain rapport
    They mock us for having an easy disposition
    Yet they have not seen it from this position
    Vantage point
    From Langa to Cape Point
    I love this city
    I would love to see more of the world
    But I always wanna come home to Cape Town.

  2. Hi Veronica, very beautiful blog. Thanks for share wonderful sightseeing of south africa.