Mother City Magic ~Cape Town

Mother City Magic ~Cape Town
Written and edited by Veronica Clark

Monday, 8 October 2012

The Rest of Seasons of Sauvignon!

Hello Dear Friends
How is this Manic Monday treating you...? I guess those returning from "Rocking them Daisies" wish it was a public holiday!!! Sending sympathies and commiserations to you...
Here in Durbanville we had a far more "chill" vibe in more ways than one, with Seasons of Sauvignon and the Spring aka Winter chill and rain.
Having only managed to get to De Grendel Wines on Saturday ( click here for that post) I was immensely proud of myself, when I turned into Nitida's gate before ten o'clock! (Click here to go to their website)
And the weather was just a pleased .... and it rained and poured on my parade ground!!! So, there I was sitting in my car, Noddy, looking at the vines... cold, hungry and thirsty....I made a dash for Tables at Nitida to remedy the situation...

Olé!!!... for the Spanish Omelette and Coffee, I was revived and ready to ignore the rain! Thanks for squeezing me in!!
And the clouds gathered...
...but still, it is a beautiful setting!

The beautiful and hospitable Nitida Wine Estate was the finish of Ride the Rhino Mountain Bike Race from Langebaan to Durbanville click here for more details. There was about ten minutes, before the winner would be in our lenses and we were just considering a toy toy to stay warm when they came into view!

And the winner was Louis Bresler Knipe!

A winning hug from Mom!

Photo taken on my phone, so the quality is not that great, but it remains..."Life's Lil Moments" and therefore, precious, regardless!

After the finish of the race, the cyclists took to the water...

Riding the plank....!!!

Looky Looky Ma ~ No Helmet~!!

 It got acrobatic!

I had a great time as usual, meeting the fab people of our city and making new friends! Welcome to my World!

Tongue out for some Sauvignon? Naturally!!

Speaking of wine...It was time to sample some Sauvignon and also to stock up!

I make no secret of it, that my favourite Sauvignon in the world, is Nitida's!!! Of, course I drink loads of other farm's Sauvignons, make no mistake about that...but... Nitida's Sauvignon Blanc is a match in heaven, with my fig salad and my favourite summer dish for those lazy pool days, when the heat keeps me out of the kitchen. I ferry all the ingredients out to my stone table and even assemble it around the pool!!

It was time to head of to the next farm...

Thank you to Nitida for a fab morning! The rain did not dampen our spirits or enjoyment!!

Thank you for your company!!

My next post will be on Durbanville Hills Winery, which was my next stop!
Live the Cape Town Vibe
All images are my own, and no!!! I do not photo shop, crop or enhance them in anyway (for the lady who asked about my blog header pic!! If you look carefully you will see some debris, let me know if you pick it up!!) what I saw through the lens is what you see!!! Regale my waiting ears with a comment down below in the comment box, please!! Or follow on twitter @MotherCityMagic or on Face Book in my Sidebar above.xx

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